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Where do you look for your plant know-how?

When it comes to horticultural advice, let the experts lead you down the (greenest) garden path.

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A now firmly-embedded feature of many Aussie households, the humble houseplant has had a real moment in pop culture over recent years. From being subject to a whirlwind of ever-changing trends (who could forget the monstera craze of 2018?) to becoming a regular feature in our social feeds, plants’ new-found popularity means that a new generation of plant parents are hungrier than ever for accessible advice and inspiration for maintaining their home jungles.

It’s this prominence in our social feeds which is thought to be a driving force behind many making their way to nurseries and picking out new fronds. In fact, 

1 in 2 say that they use social media as a source for seeking gardening advice, with social communities offering care tips, style advice and tutorials.

But, inspiration only gets us so far. Have you ever made a plant purchase after seeing the variety online, only to find it drooping – or worse, dead – a few weeks later, because you had no idea how to take care of it? You’re not alone. The internet is awash with conflicting advice and information, as anyone that has tried googling “fiddle leaf fig” will be able to testify!

The answer? A return to good ol’ fashioned support from the horticultural experts at your local nursery, who know both plants AND the local climate – and can therefore give the most reliable guidance before you make the commitment. As John Stanley, nursery and garden industry expert explains,

Personalised solutions offer the best chance of success. Your local nursery will be most familiar with local light, humidity and soil conditions and be able to offer tailored advice to ability, budget and time.

Does this mean that we ditch the social media plantfluencers? Not at all – many are qualified horticulturalists themselves, and have a wealth of plant knowledge to share. Plus, who doesn’t love a feed full of green?

However, generalised knowledge is – by nature – for general purposes. For individualised plant advice or troubleshooting for your particular home or garden set up, and to keep in the loop with the latest stock releases and promotions, save your local nursery’s number in your phone and follow their social media accounts.

Social media for inspiration, local experts for care tips. If you’re not sure who your local is, check the Plant Life Balance accredited nursery finder and drop them a visit or give them a call.

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