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What to drink when you’re not drinking

Hang in there FebFasters, plants are here to help!

FebFast, Dry July and Stoptober (or whatever its called) – they’re all terrific initiatives and, whether you’re raising money or not, are very good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Despite the popularity of taking a month off the booze, abstaining from alcohol is pretty hard to maintain for four straight weeks, especially when it comes to social situations. Celebrations, first dates, birthdays, wakes, fridays – alcohol is associated with all these things. Luckily, there are heaps of practical plant life balance-friendly ways to see the month out.

Parks are your new pub

Meeting someone? Make it a date at your local park, or the nearest botanical garden or national park if you’re up for a walk and talk!

Exercise in a park

Taking a break from the booze is a great opportunity to get a bit fit. Spend some (more) time running through lush parkland or yoga-ing on beautiful sun-drenched lawns.

Non-alcoholic spirits

Made from botanicals, a bit like gin, these versatile non-alcoholic spirits are growing in popularity due to their refined taste and wondrous bouquet. We like Seedlip a lot, but we’ve also heard good things about Ceder’s Crisp and The Driver’s Tipple. They can be enjoyed with tonic or as part of more-extravagant liquid concoctions, even once your fast has finished.

Botanical softies

Most cafes, health food stores and supermarkets have a wide range of fancy natural soft drinks. Right now the PLB crew is swooning all over P.S. Soda Smoked Lemonade, phwoar! They even have a bar in Sydney.

Soda with mint, lime, rosemary, cucumber, etc.

Adding your favourite herbs and fruits to sparkling water is a safe way to enjoy an exciting sip and control the urge to crack into the tinnies. While you’re at it, why not start a herb garden?

Brunch at your favourite Plant Life Balance place

Find your fave lush cafe and invite your hungover friends to brunch. You’ll be feeling great, they won’t. It sounds cruel but if it gets you another day closer to March, so be it. May we recommend a few places…


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