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Well, flutter me pretty: the Australian paper daisy

They may be small – but when grown en masse, the humble Australian paper daisy will knock you over with a wave of colour.

The perfect native wildflower for creating stunning garden displays or overflowing flower pots of colour, Australian paper daisies are also a great support for the local bees and pollinators that call your backyard home.

Since the 1850’s, the Australian paper daisy has been cultivated into many varieties and colours ranging from bright pinks and purples to vibrant yellows, and shades of white.


While there are many gorgeous varieties of paper daisy found around the country, most originate in Western Australia. Those found in the south-west of the state are particularly renowned for their incredible spring displays.


The best time for planting or sowing paper daisies is in autumn (so right now!) – they will grow slowly through winter and flower enthusiastically in spring.

For best results, use a mix of washed river sand and good quality potting or soil mix and plant in an open, sunny to part-shade position outdoors. If your backyard space is a balcony or terrace, not to worry – these babies will grow just as well in a pot.

Most paper daisies grow to between 10-30cm, but can reach up to 50cm. There are both annual (only flowering for one season before dying) and perennial (i.e. everlasting) varieties, so keep that in mind when you’re making your selection. For more info on varieties that are great for growing at home, check out this handy guide from the Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney.

Anything else I should know?

There are lots of different varieties and colours of paper daisies out there, but keep in mind that not all Australian daisies are paper daisies (with a distinct paper-y textured flower), so have a chat with your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery if you are after a particular variety. Brachyscome, for example, is a popular variety that many nurseries and garden centres will have in stock, but it’s not a paper daisy.

Finally, Paper Daisies are perfect for creating dried floral arrangements, meaning you can keep a bouquet in your home all year round even when they’re not blooming outside!

Keen to try Australian Paper Daisies in your own garden? Give your closest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery a call and have a chat with the experts to find out what’s in stock.

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