Plant Life Balance

Welcome Jason Chongue to the Plant Life Balance party!

Co-founder of The Plant Society in Melbourne, Jason Chongue is bringing his skills to Plant Life Balance.

If you could be any plant what would it be? An exotic Birds of Paradise, a curly fern, or even lanky Fiddle-leaf Fig?

If Jason were a plant, he’d be a Peace Lily – reliable, classic and occassionally sassy. But coming back to the real world, he isn’t just these things – he’s a true greening superstar!

Three years ago, Jason and his partner Nathan Smith started The Plant Society to create a plant community and to preserve rare and interesting plant species for future generations. The duo are on a mission to unearth plant knowledge and pass it on to new and emerging gardeners.

It’s clear Jason has a genuine love, enthusiasm and passion towards all things green, you just have to check out his Instagram page to see – that’s why we are beyond excited to announce that Plant Life Balance has partnered with Jason to deliver you even more expert knowledge, advice and guidance on crafting your own green oasis.

As Jason shares with us, gardening doesn’t have to be hard! It’s an adventure of trial and error.

We want to encourage you to get your hands dirty, to grow plants of different varieties and to experiment.

“By teaming up with Plant Life Balance, we’ll be able to share some of the tricks of the trade I’ve learnt along the way, from propagating to design tips.”

So keep your eyes peel for our three-part content series with Jason, coming soon!