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Want Lush? Get There in 3 Steps

From styling events and photoshoots, to greening our own homes and drooling over Instagram (more than we’d like to admit), the Plant Life Balance team is getting pret-ty good and creating lush, multi-tiered plant displays. Here are our top three secret tips to getting jungle indoors or out…

Step 1 – Create different heights
Before placing any plants into a room, plan how you can create more space for more plants using different heights or tiers. Simple plant stands, stools, ladders, old books or hangers work well but also think about popping a pot on top of an upside bowl or in a window sill. At a minimum, create three tiers and pick which pots you want on display and which ones you are happy to cover up.

Step 2 – Variety is the spice of life
Using a variety of plants will create a more interesting visual display while also boosting the wellbeing of your space. This plays on our primal instinct to be in the wilderness. Humans have lived among plants for a lot longer than we’ve lived in shoebox apartments and as a result, surrounding ourselves with a variety of plants helps us feel more relaxed, inspired and revitalised.

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Step 3 – Always use more plants than you think
There’s a noticeable difference between just two plants in a corner and five plants in a corner. You’ll see that corner immediately go from barren to beautiful, and everyone will notice your plant genius. Especially if you want Jungle Vibes, more is always better.

Bonus Secret Step – Disco
Add a disco ball wherever possible because it will make every day a party for your plant babies.

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