Plant Life Balance

Vertical gardens, green walls, we love you!

Green walls and vertical gardens are the perfect solutions for home gardens low on space – even if you’re renting.

While their architectural big siblings are beyond impressive (have you seen Central Park in Chippendale, Sydney?), making a simple version at home is easy with a variety of DIY and shop-bought options available. The hardest part is waiting for it all to grow! Read on for DIY green wall projects that are easy to assemble and won’t break the bank.

Shoe hanger

It’s already designed to be hung and excess water will drain through to plants below.

Packing pallets

Versatile and often easy to around the neighbourhood. They can be fixed to a wall or leaned against a fence, used as a shelf for pots or a garden bed.

The perfect depth and shape, cut to suit your space. Just drill a hole in them for drainage.

That old dresser

You can keep everything in pots, or use plastic lining and soil to create a small garden bed. Here’s a great example.


There are heaps of options at your local nursery or garden centre, with options to suit rentals too.

Position and upkeep

It’s a feature, so you have to show it off. Where is it going to go? Is the supporting wall strong enough? Is there enough light to suit the plants you’ve chosen? A little planning and a chat with your local nursery will help answer these questions.


Fences and courtyard walls are ideal places to hang your new garden, but just make sure it can hold the weight – pots, soil and water can get heavy quickly.

More plants, more of the time, we say! Check out our nursery database and find your nearest local.