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Tips to upgrade your bedroom inspired by nature

Looking to transform your bedroom into the ultimate space for relaxation and rest? Plant Life Balance has gathered our experts together to help you upgrade your sleep space as fast as you can say variegated monstera deliciosa.

To set the scene, lead researcher and biophilia expert Dr. Dominique Hes explains our unconscious ability to see, hear, and connect with nature relaxes the base level of our brain, creating feelings of relaxation and positivity. If it could be compared to something, it’s like the difference between a good night’s sleep and a poor night’s sleep. So when styling your bedroom, your place of comfort and rest, let nature be the guide. Check out our five favourites as told by those in the know.


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Your colour palette sets the underlying tone for your room, so it’s the perfect place to start. Dr. Hes explains the human brain evolved while being surrounded by natural environments, and seeing patterns and colour reminds us of that connection. Ground your space with earthy hues through clay pots and hand-made ceramics. Add oxygen-giving greens through indoor leaves and vines, and add a pop of sunshine nearby with a potted flower or two on the windowsill, such as lavender or chamomile. 


Bring texture and depth to your room by clustering your plant pals to create one living, breathing, statement. Pair glossy leaves with small trees or try trailing ivy with the stripes of a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) or the holes of a swiss cheese (Monstera deliciosa). Just keep in mind, Plant Society Founder Jason Chongue’s advice: “when clustering plants, it’s helpful to stick to those with similar lighting levels and watering schedules.” 

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If you’re reading this and thinking ‘this is all great but my room’s too small, haalp!’, then here’s the top tip for you. Interior stylist Suzy Coassin reminds us that with a little creativity, we can style upwards, not just outward. “Stack household items like books, magazines, or storage boxes to raise one or more plants off the ground. This gives the eye different levels to be drawn to around the room, creating style without limiting on space.”


Beyond aromatic indoor herb plants, Lauren and Sophie from Leaf Supply suggest lighting a candle or diffusing essential oils based on scents found in nature. “We recommend Australian natives such as tea-tree or herbs like thyme and mint, as well as bright citrus notes.” 

More (and more) plants!

To freshen your air further and bring more health and wellbeing benefits into your bedroom, the Plant Life Balance simple science tells us 10+ plants is the ultimate aim for maximum rewards. So once you’re done styling with your current collection, time to pop down to your local nursery for more!

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