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These fabulous wallpapers will have you green with envy

Under the impression that wallpaper only belongs in your grandparents’ house? Think again.

Our hectic lives often don’t allow for much time among the foliage. However, given humans’ innate desire to be amongst the natural environment, we’re seeing a big shift to bring the great outdoors, in.

One of the ways that we are witnessing this is via a revival of the humble wallpaper – with green and earthy tones on one hand, and bold splashes of botanical prints on the other, coming together creating a lush ambience in our private spaces. Have a peek of some of our favourites below, which we’re predicting will be in your home sooner rather than later!

The unconventional

Daring to be different makes for great wall art. Unique, salient subjects perched on our walls can bring us back to the natural world while still being quite avant-garde.

Tropical vibes

In recent decades, floral patterns took a back-seat to classic minimalistic shades. But with the turn of the decade came a turn in trends. So expect to be seeing a lot of love for bigger botanicals on walls: we’re talking busy, beautiful tropical prints. From niche interior brands to Versace, everyone has jumped on the wagon to create extravagant lush worlds in people’s own humble abodes.

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‪Ooooooh my 50th post! Its been a while since I’ve posted from the jungle room so back in the thick of it for today since it’s fitting for so many of the prompts below. (Disclaimer: The “jungle” cushion was my inspo for this room – so it is to blame for the presence of a zebra which clearly isn’t a jungle animal. Minor deets. ??)‬ ‪ ‬ ‪#myhousethismonth – Pattern & Texture‬ ‪#myhouseandhome – Animal Appeal‬ ‪#storyofmyhome – Bedside Manner‬ ‪#mytrouva ‬ #versacewallpaper #myeclecticshack #myinterior #genuinehome #interiordetails #postitandsmile #dailydecordetail #mycuratedsoul #mixerofstyles #nihomes #printspatternstexturesohmy #eclecticallyspeaking #sahstylists #girlsbedroomdecor #girlsbedroom #walltowallstyle #stylishhomevibes ‬ #mycreativeinterior #myinteriorvibe #spotlightinmyhome #nesttoimpress #sassyhomestyle #pocketofmyhome #ournihomes #designattractor

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Looking up

White ceilings? So 2019.

Contrary to its very name, wallpaper truly has no limit to where it can be placed. There’s something truly soothing about looking up while being indoors and being reminded of the natural beauty of the outside. If you really want to make a statement in your space, the sky’s the limit.

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Oh, our décor? Still on point. ??

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