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The seaside plant that can grow just about anywhere

Perfect for cool coastal regions, this hardy Australian native makes for a perfect informal hedge or garden shrub.


Mostly found around the coast in south-eastern Australia (NSW, SA and TAS), this native thrives in coastal areas.


White Correa will grow in salt-sprayed low-nutrient soils, sandy or rocky areas, making it an extremely hardy variety. It’s a shrub variety that will reach approximately 1.5 x 1.5 metres in size. Requires little watering.

What else should I know?

Give it a light trim to maintain its natural shape. White Correa will sprout beautiful, small white blooms in Autumn and Winter. This variety works well as an informal hedge, but will also grow well in a pot or container.

White Correa is one of the varieties recommended for Australian native-themed backyards in the Plant Life Balance 2020 Plant Trend Report. For more information on this variety, including if its appropriate for your region, get in touch with your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery and have a chat with the experts.

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