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The plantfluencers are here

There are different role models now, thanks to social media.

– Jason Chongue

From stylish indoor jungles to urban farms to backyard gardens, social media ‘plantfluencers’ offer inspiration, tips and tricks to help make everyday life that little bit greener for the tremendous online community of plant lovers. Plant Life Balance is proud to have worked with some of Australia’s best, featured below.

Jason Chongue

Jason has been a frequent collaborator with Plant Life Balance and knows just how well plants can bring our homes and buildings to life. A trained architect and interior designer, Jason has an extensive collection of plants (over 400!), which are an integral part of his minimalist style that combines whites and off-whites with subtle and interesting textures (like plants). He’s also one half of Melbourne’s Plant Society, a ‘plant social network’ that aims to preserve knowledge about diverse and wonderful plant species, both online and through events. 

Emily Cloke

Emily runs the Green Folk Botany Shop in Burley Heads, NSW, and helped Plant Life Balance develop some of its signature looks when the app was first launched. Her Instagram feed is a delicious mix of indoor plants and soft pastels which never fails to inspire.

Jane Wei

Hairdresser by trade, Jane’s salon A Loft Story is one of the lushest places to get your haircut in Sydney’s Inner West. She often shares tips and recommendations throughout her appointments too so don’t wait too long between appointments.

Jenna Holmes AKA Plantmama

Combining 70s style with boho simplicity, Plantmama brings good vibes to homes and courtyard gardens. Based in Melbourne, she bills herself as a ‘plant designer’ sharing style and care tips through her social presence, designing interiors for businesses, and has helped Plant Life Balance style some of the app’s early looks.

Jana Stewart

Owner of Sydney’s Microcosm, Jana Stewart is a young microbiologist with a serious thing for plants in everyday urban life. She wants everyone to have greener lives and offers a personalised service not unlike the Plant Life Balance app where she will recommend plants when you bring in a photo of your space.

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#janegoodall “The greatest threat to our future is apathy” #GlobalClimateStrike is happening tomorrow and I will be attending?? Large scale rebellion is what is needed to show governments and companies that you do not approve of how they are treating our earth and fellow residents. The strike is the first step in doing this, standing and having your voice be a part of the strike is symbolic. The biggest step is critical however, mindfully spend your money?All these big companies that are built on fossil fuel, exploiting natural resources and the lives that live with them are all driven by the dollar. They will follow where the dollar goes, if they see that their audience/dollar is moving to a sustainable option they will follow. So buy products that support people, the environment, and the future ?Care about where your things come from and how they were made. And think do you even need it??‍♀️ Growing up in a low income household I am very aware that not everyone can afford to spend their money any different but if you can afford to buy houseplants you do have that liberty. Buy local, buy sustainable, and buy less. Change your power company, eat less meat and change your bank. See you at the strike???

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Michael Zagiridis

Pocket City Farms in Sydney’s Inner West is a thriving local hub of plant lovers and delicious produce. Host to talks, tutorials and events, as well as the popular Acre restaurant, Pocket City Farms was co-founded and is lovingly cared for by Michael Zagiridis, AKA Zag, who loves to inspire other urban growers through the Instagram feed and in person.

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Meet the team // Carrying on with our weekly team introductions is Michael Zagoridis – known most commonly as Zag, or “Pepe‘s dad”. ??‍? ? ⁠ ⁣ ⁣ "I'm co-founder and co-farm manager at Pocket City Farms. The farm manager role was my full-time role til recently and is now shared among myself, Em and Julia. I’m responsible for the day-to-day running of the farm, from planning our crop rotation to leading volunteer sessions and farm tours. It is a very full job which has tested me physically and mentally since we put our first crops in the soil 3.5 years ago. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣ "Harvesting great tasting vegetables and forming new connections with the local community is what keeps me motivated. Engaging the urban community with the process is what I believe to be the best tool we have to educate that the food we buy should be valued more than it currently is. ⁠⁣ ⁠⁣ "I had a bit of a career change in 2010 (leaving my Art Director role) and focused on learning as much as I could about market gardening with hopes of one day managing our first urban farm. I interned at Milkwood Permaculture and gained employment in various market gardens on the outskirts of Sydney. This really helped me gain a base knowledge on managing a market garden, a knowledge base which I am continually drawing upon and adding to. I hope that our urban farm will continue to be a catalyst to inspire and grow future farmers in Sydney and all around Australia."⁠⁣ .⁣ ?@storiesbynic⁣ .⁠⁣ .⁠⁣ .⁠⁣ #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #workshop #cityfarm #organic #localfood #growyourown #eatmoreveggies #newtown #camperdown #sydney #sydneylocal #innerwestsydney #whatsonsydney #pocketcityfarms #community⁠

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