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Summer Series: Leafy Beer Gardens of Victoria

There’s still a couple more weeks of glorious summer sunshine left in Australia, so Melbourne fronds and family – get out an exploring the city’s greenest watering holes while the weather lasts!

The Goldmines Hotel, Bendigo

The Goldmines is a glorious Victorian-era pub with a lush beer garden that would be the envy of any neighbour.

Howler, Brunswick

Reinventing Brunswick’s textile warehouse past, Howler serves up brews and more with plants hanging from every beam and rafter.

The Brunswick Green, Brunswick

A lush beer garden sits behind this homey Sydney Road watering hole… and it has ‘green’ in the name, so it was a shoe-in.

The Alderman, Brunswick East

This cosmopolitan Lygon Street bar boasts a secluded green oasis out back.

Garden State, CBD

It’s a big place, but there are some wonderfully designed gardens hidden within.

The Fitzroy Beer Garden, Fitzroy

A wonderful atrium boasts a bamboo wall and blossoms galore in this aptly named green space 😉

Mountain View Hotel, King Valley

Getting out of the city often makes life greener, but this hotel surrounded by lush garden and tall trees is exceptional.

Hopscotch, South Melbourne

A strong green vibe indoor and out makes this an ideal summer watering hole on the banks of the Yarra.

The Wandi Pub, Wandiligong

On the other side of the mountain from King Valley, weeping willows and sprawling lawns make the Wandi prime territory for getting that PLB back up to green.

The Windsor Castle, Windsor

This classic pub offers one helluva a tiki garden.

Honourable mentions go to The Standard, The Retreat, The College Lawn, Lane’s Edge, The Rochey, The Corner, Welcome to Thornbury, The Park Hotel, Joe’s Shoe Store, Trunk – look, we were spoiled for choice!


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