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Summer series: Leafy Beer Gardens of NSW

Plant yourself in one of these beer gardens for a social drink and increase your plant life balance at the same time.

New South Wales – the first state – home to some of Australia’s oldest pubs and almost too many places to sink a schooner! Keep reading to uncover our list of NSW’s greenest spots to sip something special, and put the ‘garden’ back in beer garden.

The Scarborough Hotel, Scarborough

Scarborough is not short on stunning views. Set on an epic lawn overlooking the Tasman Sea, there aren’t many oceanside beer gardens as green and soothing as this!

The Norfolk, Redfern

Situated on the hectic arterial road that is Sydney’s Cleveland Street, the Norfolk was revitalised a few years back and is now home to a lush green sanctuary out the back.

The Golden Barley, Enmore

This dog-friendly, kid-friendly beer garden is a gem – dense with foliage in residential Enmore with enough space for the largest groups.

The Courthouse Hotel, Newtown

Newtown’s spiritual home, the Courty’s beer garden is lush and casual. There’s even a park across the street for mid-afternoon takeaways.

The Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay

The leafy patio at the Oaks is more than a local favourite – the main beer garden features an iconic, giant oak that supposedly grew from seed decades ago and now dominates the space in the most delightful way.

The Beresford, Surry Hills

No one really remembers the exact moment Surry Hills got fancy, but the Beresford soon followed suit. And we’re glad it did! Lush greenery hides the courtyard walls and calms this bustling venue.

The Lucky Hotel, Newcastle

Formerly The Lucky Country, the Lucky closed during the deepest darkest times of the GFC. Reopened and revamped, the new courtyard has achieved optimal plant life balance.

The Friendly Inn Hotel, Kangaroo Valley

Less of a beer garden and more of a huge backyard with towering trees and a verdant outlook, the Friendly Inn is definitely a plant life balance-friendly venue.

The Henson Hotel, Marrickville

A family-friendly pub just by the entrance to Henson Park, this local’s plant life balance has been steadily growing for a few years now and has now reached peak green.

The Commonwealth Hotel, Newcastle

A refreshed establishment, the Commo is a Newcastle icon that has added a wide assortment of hanging plants to its charming courtyard.


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