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Water smarter, not harder

Watering smarter, not harder is the name of the game. When temperatures in Australia soar and water supplies are finite, it’s particularly important to establish smart, water-sensitive watering routines over the summer period.

The good news is – it’s super easy. Here are our top tips for water-sensitive gardening for when the mercury starts climbing.


When choosing new plants for your home or garden, add ‘place appropriate’ to your list of criteria. Australia has an incredible diversity of different climates, and ensuring that your plants are suited to the weather and soil conditions where you live will be an enormous help when it comes to reducing how much water they need, how often you have to tend to them, and likely they are to survive.

We did a deep dive on climate-friendly gardens a while back with our Backyard Bather look partner, Fiona Bruyn –  head here to read the full interview.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Bush Tucker Trail look and plant list, which includes many hardy Australian native varieties; or our Desert Dreams look and plant list, full of super-easy care and low-thirst varieties of succulent and cactus.


Small tweaks to your watering routine can make a big difference to how much and how often you need to quench your leafy friends’ thirst:

  • Take the guess work out of watering amounts – snap some pics of your plants, and head to your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery to confirm the watering requirements of your collection, in your specific region.
  • Water early morning or evening to reduce evaporation.
  • Add a cover mulch or sphagnum moss to the top, and place a water tray underneath to help water retention.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle! Instead of emptying water from drinking glasses and bottles, or from boiling veggies down the sink – let it cool and empty it into the nearest plant instead.

For more easy water-saving tips, head to this article on water conservation we prepared last summer.


Extra hot conditions calls for extra special plant attention. When the mercury climbs, try these simple tips to protecting your plants from the worst of it:

  • Move what you can into the shade and make sure they have enough water (see above for water retention tips).
  • Pop your moisture-loving indoor plants on a wet towel in the shower – this tip also works a treat if you are going away for a week or two on holidays and no-one is around to water them.
  • Be careful that soil doesn’t completely dry out – once this happens, it can be difficult to get it back to its original condition and it won’t retain water as well as it used to.

For our full list of plant care tips in a heat wave, head here.

For specific questions on plant care over the summer months, head to you closest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery and have a chat with the experts.

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