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Show us your lush iso home jungle

Boy oh boy oh boy, do we have some good news for all you iso-gardeners out there.

Maybe you’ve been getting your green fix adding gorgeous new handmade earthenware pots to your kitchen windowsill. Or maybe you’ve been uum-ing and aah-ing over our plant profiles, trying to figure out will best compliment your balcony’s rugged feature wall (and then throwing your hands in the air and buying them all – we don’t blame you). Or maybe you’re well on your way to living your lushest indoor life by slowly filling up your home with new fronds, leaf-by-leaf and room-by-room.

Wherever you’re at with your iso gardening adventures, we want you to stop and sit down for a minute. We have just launched our #growsomegood iso-home greening competition and there’s FIVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. OF. PLANTS. UP. FOR. GRABS.

So what’s the deal? Basically, we want to see how busy you’ve been keeping during COVID by getting your green thumb on, either indoors or out. And given how plants and gardening is proven to be so good at keeping us mentally and physically well, we’re not surprised to hear that Aussies are gardening over 150% more than usual – so we reckon a whole lot of you guys are, too.

How to enter #growsomegood:

It’s simple – either:

There’s a $500 voucher to your closest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery up for grabs for the most creative and quality iso home gardening project that we uncover.

If you haven’t got started on your lush iso home jungle yet but it’s on your to-do list to complete before normality resumes – not to fret, poppets, the competition will be open until 12:00am AEST/ AEDT on 21 June 20 which means you have a few more weeks to get your stems sorted. For full terms and conditions, please see here.

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Need a bit more inspiration to kick off? Glad you asked! Plant Life Balance has all the advice, hints and tips you need to fill each and every room with green. We’re not talking a feature plant, people. We’re talking full-on, fill-you-house-with-green home styling. Ready? Good, let’s grow.

Let’s get started… in the bedroom

The bedroom is the ultimate go-to place in the house to switch off, de-stress and sleep the day’s work away. So it’s always a good idea to place a whole bunch of plants here that will not only clean your air but also calm you down.

But what we don’t want is you tripping over pots in the middle of the night – so we highly recommend getting yourself some hanging plants: think devil’s ivy, bird’s nest fern, philodendron and the spider plant. Don’t want to knock any holes in the wall? No worries – see our hanging hints for renters here.

If you’ve got a bookshelf in the room, even better. Move some of those books aside and perch some new fronds along there too to create the perfect shelfie.

And lastly, for our ultimate list of tips and tricks to make your bedroom the perfect green space, see our boss bedroom styling guide here.

Next up…the bathroom

Ah – who doesn’t want a thriving oasis in their bathroom? But we know, choosing which plants to put in the bathroom – and where – can seem a little tricky at first. The first trick is to understand which plants thrive in humid and moist environments, and once you have a handle on that your stress should flush away (too much?). For example, tropical plants such as monsteras will work well in a steamy, filtered light bathroom.

The second trick is to remember that no one bathroom is the same. Your plant selection also depends on how much room you have, and how much light trickles into this room. If you have lots of bright sun, consider succulents such as jade plant or aloe vera. If your bathroom is a bit shady, on the other hand, try a zz plant or peace lily.

For more guidance, check out our full list of bathroom styling hints and tips here.


The kitchen is where your plants can be of most practical use, because while we adore how they look all lined up on the sill, kitchen greens can also be the key ingredients for our favourite dinner dishes!

The perfect way to get greening in the kitchen is to create a windowsill garden where you can grow sprouts, micro-greens or even grow your very own mini herb garden in as little time as a few weeks. The best part? It’s actually super simple – here’s how to make a kitchen windowsill garden happen.

The kid’s room

Where greenery that thrives, so do young minds – studies prove this. So naturally, popping plants in your kid’s room(s) is a strategic move that we’re all for.

An innovative yet practical way to do this – particularly for those with limited space – is to grow an indoor vertical garden on of their walls. Yet again, science shows that vertical gardens, or ‘green walls‘ can improve children’s ability to retain information and study, so do their next school report a favour and get those kids greening. Learn all about how to create a green wall here (bonus points if you can get the kids to help out, too!).

The great outdoors

If you’re finished filling the inside of your home with green, don’t stop there – it’s time to head outside. What you can do with your outdoor space will depend on (again) how much space you have, and what the climatic and light conditions are. The good news is – even if you’ve only got a small balcony or a small courtyard, we’re certain that there’s a plant that can be potted up and popped there.

If you’re working with a balcony, check out our top tips here. Sydney-based designer Evi O’s Desert Dreams- style balcony is a beautiful example if you need some inspiration before getting started.

If you’ve got a touch more space, consider growing a tasty veggie garden (which comes with the added bonus of saving yourself a trip to the supermarket here and there). Autumn is a great time to be planting Warrigal Greens, spinach, fennel, broccoli, onions and strawberries – everything you need to know to get started is here in our backyard veggies growing guide.


Got questions about a particular plant or particular room in your home, or need to stock up on fronds? Before you roll the sleeves up and get growing, head to your nearest Plant Life Balance accredited nurseries and have a chat with the greening experts.

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