Plant Life Balance

Shelfie game strong

Time to level up your #plantshelfie game.

Shelves make excellent spaces for storing and styling your leafy friends – not to mention lush shelves will instantly increase your plant-parent cred on Instagram.

Indoor shelves

Use them to filter the light or make boring furniture more interesting. If it’s a nice piece, make sure you aren’t getting water everywhere – you don’t want to discover a mouldy patch in six months time!

Outdoor shelves

Outdoor shelves help with ugly fences and limited space. They can also become makeshift green walls, ideal for renters.

Make your books look better

You know what they say, “If you go home with someone and they don’t have books…”

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Make your other junk look good too

Make that ornamental fireplace completely mental

Is that even a shelf? It is now!

Is a drawer a shelf? Yes.

Add a shelf in the boudoir

Bonus points if you install particularly air-purifying plants to catch those quality zz’s.

D-I-Why the heck not just build some shelves

Did you know the Plant Life Balance app lets you add shelves and furniture to your room so you can try before you buy? Download the app now and get your #plantshelfie game back up to scratch.