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Roma Street Parkland – Brisbane City, QLD

Spanning over a whopping 16 hectares of Brisbane’s CBD, Roma Street Parkland is one of the most popular city gardens in the world.

Embark on a genuine escape from the city-scape with this inner-city mega park, which can only be described as phenomenal by those that walk through its lush, leafy pathways.

Home to not only some spectacular designer gardens, it has something special to offer to everyone – wander through and you will find a forest, a children’s playground, fern gully and a lake precinct, complete with aquatic life. This makes the parkland an attraction for all, from families, to the lone tourist, to the horticultural aficionados. 

Speaking of horticulture, the gardens within the park are home to a fascinating diversity of plants including pandanus, Queensland maples, palm groves and even the rare Angiopteris evecta – a giant fern native to eastern and northern Australia and the Malay Peninsula.

To truly appreciate all that is Roma Street Parkland, we can only recommend that our Brisbane friends take their lunch break outside tomorrow. You’ll thank us later.

1 Parkland Blvd, Brisbane City QLD

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