Plant Life Balance

Queen Chow – Enmore, NSW

One of our favourite Plant Life Balance Places in the Inner West.

Wow – can someone say staghorn fern heaven?

Located within the Queen Hotel in Enmore, Queen Chow serves up amazing Hong Kong street food and your favourite Cantonese classics in a greenery-filled, imperial tea house-esque venue (head to the second floor for the greenery).

The beautiful greenery here shines thanks to the natural light filtering through the space and the green and white chequered flooring, we left dreaming of the next fern we could add to our collection. Conveniently located in the Queens Hotel, Queen Chow is the perfect place to get your dumplings or yum cha while also getting your Plant Life Balance!

People find themselves living in smaller spaces and are looking for ways to reconnect with the natural world, whether that be in their own homes or when visiting local pubs, restaurants and cafes. Plants are visually appealing, have a calming effect, and can be used creatively to enhance a space.

2/167 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

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Image credit: Merivale