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Q&A: Jane Wei, Owner of A Loft Story

We sat down with Jane Wei, owner of A Loft Story – an incredible hair salon and creative space tucked away in Newtown, NSW.

This is the perfect place to get some Plant Life Balance. It’s so full of plants that we weren’t surprised when Jane told us she spends almost as much time tending to her plant babies as she does to her customers’ hair.

Why do you love plants?
Plants make me happy. Seeing them grow and transform every day helps me understand concepts of life and relationships with everything around me. To be conscious and more aware of the environment we are in and we create.

Why do you think plants are so on trend right now?
With smaller living spaces and more stress in people’s everyday lives, it’s nice to in be able to come back to our roots – to nature. It helps people to focus on life and living and changing perspective.

Why did you get greening?
My first plant really outdid itself and I still get regular compliments on it. It made me super proud and then I just wanted more of this rewarding feeling.

How many plants do you have in your space?
Around 180. I like dark greens and large plants – monstera, fiddle figs, male umbrella tree, money plant, ivy, staghorn, donkeys tail, hoyas, string of pearls, string of bananas, spider plants, and many many more.

What’s your favourite plant?
My two-metre Staghorn in the loft looking over the warehouse space! It’s just so magnificent.

How easy is it to set up your plans?
It’s usually pretty simple. I’m lucky with my plants, they grew so quickly. Which means in six months or so we’ll need to re-pot and refresh the soil and fertilise.

How have customers responded to the greenery?
They love it! They look forward to coming here to de-stress in my oasis.

Have you noticed any trends from your customers interacting with the plants: do people make comments, are you asked for advice, do staff appreciate them?
Yes, I get asked for advice all the time – especially for the names of the plants I have. The first thing people ask is whether I have more because it looks like a jungle in here and they love checking it out.

Do you think your greenery has increased your customer base?
Totally! People seek us out on Instagram and we get tagged all the time about our plants.

36 Lennox St, Newtown NSW 2042

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