Plant Life Balance

Project281 – Brunswick, VIC

Located in Brunswick’s chic jungle of cafes and funky hubs, Project281 is one venue that can’t be ignored. From the outset, the space is an industrial concrete slab enlivened (and almost engulfed!) with greenery.

Owner Connell McGrath had a well contrived vision – and that was to transform one little part of Melbourne’s urban-esque scene into something you see in a dream of greens. With the help of natural light, high industrial ceilings and over a whopping 350 plants in the cafe, we can safely say that his vision had come to life…and then some.

We figured that the Melbourne café/restaurant goer is looking for an escape from their day to day, a place to unwind. We feel that plant life has a great calming effect on our patrons and staff alike!

With Japanese undertones in the menu (and half of it being vegan!), Project281 works to be a little bit different than the other cafes on the block. They have an indoor herb garden that they use to spruce up the brunch dishes and to reduce the environmental impact of food transportation. 

McGrath says the huge intake of plants, albeit being quite difficult to set up, is definitely worth the initial efforts when he sees how Project281 is received by patrons:

Watching the reaction on a first-time customer’s face once they walk through the door is priceless.

So, if you’re after that much-needed city escape, go and visit the guys over at Project281!

281 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056

Image Credit: Project281