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Is this regional NSW’s greenest indoor jungle?

Inside one of Dubbo’s most adored cafes is an incredible experience where jungle vibes meets wholesome breakfast. 

Stepping out of Sydney’s CBD, this space is for our regional NSW friends.

A beautiful little surprise located in central Dubbo, Press is feeding customers in a preloved 1930s home. While the cafe is a local and tourist favourite alike for its to-die-for menu and specialty coffee, there’s a little something else that makes Press that much more special…

That’s right. It’s green. Very green.

Once you step onto the Press’ front porch, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you stepped into a gardener’s own dreamy home. Something that can only be described as a wondrous secret garden, Cristina Gomez tells us that there are over 100 plants living in Press. Hand-selected by two staff members Amanda and David, their leafy friends have been strategically chosen to survive (and thrive) in Dubbo’s particular climate.

The collection includes a range of favourites, such as Bird of Paradise and Devil’s Ivy, as well as plenty of ferns, a Murraya hedge and a Rubber plant, too.

When asked why they have an impressive plant collection like they do, Cristina’s answer was simple:

The idea is to wow, impress and, most of all, evoke happy feelings.

It’s a space for all to enjoy in the summer with our misters and fans to cool off or in the winter with our bespoke log fire.”

Garnering a lot of love from their customers, the most common question to Press’ staff is ‘Are they all real?’ “The answer is yes! Every one of them is real.”

But maintaining their star attractions is no easy feat. Their biggest challenge, according to Cristina, is adapting a meticulous care routine in unpredictable weather conditions, particularly with their precious ferns.

But the Good Press People do their part: “In the current drought situation, we have been saving the waste table water from customers which then goes to our plants”. That’s exactly what we love to hear.

So, if you’re in Dubbo or find yourself there for a trip to escape the city, find refuge in what is arguably one of our favourite green places yet.

33 Bultje Street Dubbo NSW 2830

Image credit: Amy Allen

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