Plant Life Balance

Plastic plants just don’t cut it

Just like googling famous art doesn’t compare to days spent wandering the Louvre or the Met – fake plants are just that. Fake.

Plastic plants pale in comparison to a living, breathing, growing plant. And here’s why…

They don’t grow, but they don’t endure either

Plastic plants arrive in a “perfect” state but with time will fade and deteriorate. There’s no growth and maturity or challenge to keep them alive through dryer times. No learnings. No triumphs. Instead, the red petals of nylon poppies slowly turn a bleached pink; fake turf blades wear out and detach. Their decline is unappealing and final.

They still require maintenance

If a brief sweep of YouTube taught us one thing, it’s that cleaning plastic plants is a horrible ordeal.

They don’t clean the air

Real plants clean the air of toxins and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen – this is backed by science. Plastic plants just sit there, barely lifting a finger.

They can’t be propagated

It’s delightful when a friend with a greener thumb passes on clippings of their Golden Pothos that you’ve often admired weaving throughout their living room. Plants are a simple and effortless gift. Alternatively, you could cut a plastic plant in half but you’d both end up with half a plant and nothing more.

They have flowers that don’t bloom nor yield fruit

Patiently watching your plants flower and depending on the variety produce fruit. Witnessing the growth and maturity of a living thing never gets old. Fake plants are lifeless and always feel out of place because of it.

They don’t teach children anything

By getting their tiny hands into the soil early, children learn how to care for plants and how to grow food. It’s fun. Plastic plants don’t provide the same level of endless distraction.

They can’t be recycled

In this age of single-use plastic waste and environmental responsibility, it’s vital to avoid virgin plastic products like fake plants. They can’t be recycled, or at least they’re extremely difficult to recycle. Fake turf wears out, and where do those tiny blades of plastic grass go? Into landfill, into waterways.

People can tell the difference

Even though a Peace Lily or a ZZ plant looks like it’s made of plastic and requires almost no light or water, you can still tell it’s alive. It grows, it breathes, it can die. There’s something unquantifiably soothing about living things that their plastic replicas just can’t match.

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