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Plant Tales presents ‘Plantasia’

Melbourne get ready, we’re coming back!

Mort Garson’s 1976 album Mother Earth’s: Plantasia has been dominating the PLB office stereo for weeks. We love it. So we thought we’d share its splendour with you through a very special one-off performance by electronic producer, Anatole, accompanied by projection artist Carla Zimbler, set between the foliage-filled walls at Rupert on Rupert in Collingwood.

Sydney based producer, Anatole, formally known as Jonathan Baker was raised amongst the dramatic natural surroundings of the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney. He grew up engrossed in his natural environment, isolated from technological luxuries. Long days exploring the boundless bushland imbued him with a deep love for both the grand cinematic scale of big ecosystems and the fine beauty in the minutiae of the smallest organisms and patterns.

Projection artist Carla Zimbler captures, dissects and warps visual imagery to shift boundaries and carve passageways into surreal ecosystems, building meditative, therapeutic environments which aid in restorative healing through colour and light. In Carla’s live performance she mixes together fragments of our natural world and deconstructs living organisms to a cellular level, bending time and collaging fluid, organic forms across architectural curves and sculptures. Audiences are coaxed inside immersive, illuminated spaces that alter mood and trigger an emotional response.

Event date:

Tuesday 10 October 2021


Rupert on Rupert

73 Rupert Street, Collingwood, Victoria

As an extra treat (like we needed one but hey, why not!) nature lover and scientist, Dominique Hes, to unfurl the connection between plants, music and the mind and Melbourne’s pioneering plantfluencer, and Plant Life Balance ambassador Jason Chongue from The Plant Society.

Plant-based nibbles and drink on arrival will be included with purchase, so tell your fronds quick, tickets are limited!

Find out more info on our Facebook and get your tickets are strictly limited – you can buy them here.

And wrap your ears around the original in anticipation:

See you there!

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