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Plant Life Balance Places: Inner North Edit

Throughout the sprawling network of Melbourne laneways and tramlines is a fabric of Plant Life Balance places that will lift your PLB levels to the max – while satisfying all of your coffee, food and social needs and desires too!

AU79, Abbotsford

Fiddleleaf figs and elephant ears skirt the booths of this warehouse coffee destination.

Collingwood Children’s Farm, Abbotsford

Tucked away at the back of Abbotsford, Collingwood Children’s Farm is a sprawling urban farm where Merri Creek meets the Yarra.

Howler, Brunswick

Reinventing Brunswick’s textile warehouse past, Howler hosts bands and more with plants hanging from every beam and rafter.

Project 281, Brunswick

A high-ceilinged converted warehouse boasts some beautiful, big-leafed plants among the polished concrete decor.

Noisy Ritual, Brunswick

What this people-powered urban winery lacks in on-site sprawling vineyards, it makes up in hanging ferns and ivy.

CERES, Brunswick East

An inner-city community farm on Merri Creek complete with cafe, veggie market and bike shed.

The Alderman, Brunswick East

A cosmopolitan Lygon Street bar that boasts a secluded green oasis out back.

East Elevation, Brunswick East

There’s green at every intersection of this day-time eatery and chocolate factory.

Forest Secrets Gallery, Carlton

Indoors and out, discover Victoria’s mountain natives in this unique forest gallery.

Cafe BU, Carlton North

With a sprawling view of Canning street’s green verge and palms, the rooftop deck is replete with potted wonders and lots of sunshine.

Alimentari, Collingwood

The Smith street location has a beautiful rear courtyard with lush wisteria hanging from the roof and potted plants galore.

Worksmith, Collingwood

A food and beverage collaboration and coworking hub, get your work done surrounded by hanging ferns and ivy.

Streat Cafe, Collingwood

With locations around Melbourne, it’s the Collingwood outlet’s rear courtyard that really gets your PLB up.

Vertue Coffee, Collingwood

A favourite place for hanging garden inspiration.

Min Lokal, Fitzroy

Indoor plants spiral around this Fitzroy stalwart with more potted delights out back.

The Rochey, Fitzroy

Once famous for pay-the-time parmas, lush green plants now fill the dark corners and rear courtyard of this pub reborn.

Transformer, Fitzroy

Devil’s Ivy galore and even a tree sprawling from courtyard concrete make this plant-based restaurant PLB-approved.

Grub Fitzroy, Fitzroy

Fitzroy goes troppo with over 100 plants outdoors and in sunlit atrium dining spaces – fresh kitchen herbs grown on premises.

Industry Beans, Fitzroy

A serious coffee spot, the courtyard out the front is a welcome green respite from the neighbourhood’s bricks and narrow laneways.


There can never be too many green places in the world – if you think we missed a place, get in touch and we’ll keep this list growing!

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