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Pier Farm – Williamstown, VIC

Pier Farm is your next fine-dining venue that has successfully oozed luxury, plants and a timeless view all in one small Melbourne pier.

If you thought Pier Farm looks like just another seafood restaurant by the water, you thought oh-so-wrong. Owner Roberto Scheriani made it his mission to turn your standard nautical space into something made out of a minimalistic green thumb’s dream scene.

What started off as a bare exposed beam ceiling, Pier Farm has now invited 50 plants to put down roots at the venue, most of which now hang from the rafters. Filling a large portion of the restaurant are the glorious trailing plants, including devil’s ivy and split leaf philodendrons that “create a really nice contrast and pop of colour”, according to Scheirani. Sealing the deal with spider plants, snake plants and other succulents, Pier Farm is truly living up to its name.

With a little help from Plant Mama Jenna Holmes with design and execution, their vision of brightening their restaurant came to life, much to the satisfaction of their customers. 

We definitely get daily comments on our plants as they really dominate the main dining room and are a focal point. We had one customer ask to take some cuttings home once.

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Details | Devil’s ivy.

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So, for those who are looking for their next wedding venue (no decor needed!) – or even just an Italy-meets-the-sea dish, you’ve just found your perfect balance between nautica, nature and nourishment.

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