Plant Life Balance

Do your mental health a favour

If your COVID-inspired gardening routine slowed down over winter, we're here to remind you...don't give up! If anything, now is the perfect time to get right back into it.

COVID got you feeling uninspired? There’s a plant for that

Did you know plants are proven to create the perfect environment for creativity to thrive? Fill your home with leafy inspiration for an instant boost to your artistic endeavours.

Introducing the ever-reliable rubber tree

With their shiny, glossy leaves and their easy-going nature, the rubber tree is a gift from the plant gods to beginner green thumbs everywhere.

Plant watering got you panicked? Here’s our top tips

Haven’t quite figured out your fronds’ perfect watering routine? Don’t stress – we’ve put together our top tips on watering your home jungle like a pro.

The one plant every beginner plant parent should own

It Phils our rooms, it Phils our hearts, and it Phils its pot, too.

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