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Autumn is on the way – here’s how to get your garden ready

With a bit of planning and tending, you can ensure your indoor and outdoor gardens look just as lovely in Autumn as they do in Spring!

For the love of wall decor

2020 has arrived and Plant Life Balance has predicted big (green) things for the upcoming year. Our hectic lives often don’t allow for much time amongst the foliage. However, with an innate desire to be...

Plant Life Balance Predicts: nostalgia for nature

In December 2019, Plant Life Balance released Australia’s first-ever plant trend report after months of  research and chats with the experts to find out why people buy plants and from where;...

Press – Dubbo, NSW

Inside one of Dubbo's most adored cafes is an incredible experience where jungle vibes meets wholesome breakfast. 

How to give your plants a proper feed

Just like we humans need key nutrients to survive, so do our foliaged friends.

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