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Our favourite parks and gardens in Darwin

Darwin for the win, we say.

The territorial capital is a place of unique natural wonders and some of Australia’s most significant war history. Its tropical savannah climate and sweltering heat mean it can offer plant lovers something different from other capital cities. 

Jingili Water Gardens

One of the most popular parks in Darwin, Jingili Water Gardens is a place for the whole family with numerous lily ponds, a community garden and orchard, and heaps of places to play and explore. 

 George Brown Botanic Gardens

There’s a lot to love about George Brown Botanic Gardens, from prehistoric plants that dinosaurs ate, to lush rainforest gardens, to a unique collection of baobab and boab trees. It’s also home to Darwin’s largest ornamental fountain.

 Civic Park

This popular CBD park is as much known as a nice spot to read a book or have lunch as it is a venue for community events and weddings. It also features a collection of outdoor sculptures, including statues and busts of local historic figures.

 Charles Darwin National Park

Known for sweeping views of the city skyline, Charles Darwin National Park is a popular recreational spot for locals as well as being known for its World War II concrete bunkers. 

Holmes Jungle Nature Park

A terrific monsoon reserve just on the edge of Darwin that makes you feel like you’re deep in the outback.


Parks and public gardens also provide inspiration for your own green space, so head on down to your local! Then find your nearest Plant Life Balance-approved nursery and get plantin’.

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