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One Wybelenna – Brookfield, Qld

Plants keep the peace. One look at One Wybelenna and you’ll agree with us too. 

An ordinary spa treatment won’t seem quite the same after discovering Brookfield’s most lavish and serene space to completely and utterly unwind. 

Initially constructed as private property, Charlie and Heather’s residential home was cleverly transformed into a sanctuary for guests to indulge in the pleasures of a green, serene destination day spa.

“When considering the environment for the day spa, we wanted to bring a feeling of seclusion & peacefulness, for our guests to feel cocooned by the surrounds,” Heather said.

With two acres of gardens spanning their space, she saw an opportunity that would change the definition of relaxation as we know it today. By choosing an array of greenery that would complement (and accentuate) the pre-existing environment, One Wybelenna seems as though it had always been there.

You’ll be greeted by their Baobob tree at first arrival, and kissed by the frangipanis on your way to the spa and pool. Waterhousia is your confidante when masking you from the main road, and lofty local native Tallowwood trees are simply “majestic”, according to Heather herself. There are many, many more plants that, coupled with the treatment offered by the staff, will make you feel at complete zen. 

Relaxation and plants are so intertwined at One Wybelenna that even their treatment rooms are named after the plants they look out upon! Which room will you end up in – Frangi, Mela, Aloe, Kauri or Eumundi? Options, options…

Places like One Wybelenna give us hope that there will always be a time and place to switch off for both men and women who are seriously ready to treat themselves. According to Heather,

One Wybelenna is a unique sanctuary that is close to the city but feels like a world away; it provides the perfect escapism for our guests.

Now, don’t get too excited and flock there all at once before you make a reservation! One Wybelenna is strictly by appointment only, so they can make sure this piece of paradise is kept and maintained.

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1 Wybelenna St, Brookfield QLD 4069

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