Plant Life Balance

Old Mate’s Place – Sydney, NSW

A hidden gem in the Sydney CBD, Old Mate’s Place was designed to feel like an overgrown, abandoned library, and as a bonus feature also features a sneaky rooftop!

More than 30 plant species fill the bar, including a resident favourite named ‘Dave’. “Dave is tall and awesome,” owner and director, Dre, explains. “We almost killed him but we brought him back to life. He’s a trooper.”

Dre and his team selected the plants in the space thanks to their curiosities (creating a Dark Matters kinda vibe), which add depth and life to the space.

While most people head to Old Mate’s Place for the killer cocktails made by some of Sydney’s mixology veterans, we are sneaking in to quench our thirst for greenery in the middle of the concrete jungle. And we’re not the only ones.

“Our friend Georgia comes and talks to the plants every now and then but she’s a landscape architect and slightly crazy,” says Dre. “Apparently plants like being talked to… we just let her talk to the plants to keep her happy.”

The best thing about the plants is that the customers love it, they go nuts for it,

says Dre, and credits Dave and his planty friends with the bar’s growing popularity. Be sure to get in early to secure a seat!

Level 4, 199 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

image credit: Old Mate’s Place