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Nature’s not cancelled: living life among the foliage

In the life and times of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to live your life in green.

If you are experiencing mental distress and want to talk to someone, please reach out to Beyond Blue – they have a big national network of people ready to have a chat.

For the most up to date guidelines on being outside your home during the coronavirus crisis, please check with your relevant state authority.

We know – the times are particularly tricky at the moment, and everything seems to be in flux and a little unpredictable. What hasn’t changed however, is just how good plants are for your physical and mental wellbeing. In all the uncertainty of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to live your life in green.

What are plants good for?

There are a surprising number of studies that have investigated exactly how much plants improve our mental and physical health (spoiler: it’s a lot!). For example, spending time among the foliage is proven to:

All of which are incredibly important as many of us transition into completely new lifestyles and working arrangements.

Getting your daily dose of green

These mental health benefits are particularly key in times such as these, when people are feeling more unsettled, worried or stressed than usual. Walking, hiking, or exercising in green spaces, such as public or national parks, are great ways to get that essential hit of green, and reap the health and wellness benefits that come along with it. And it doesn’t have to be much – studies have shown that spending just 30 minutes in nature can result in up to a 7% reduction in self-reported depression and a 9% reduction in high blood pressure.

Keep in mind, it’s important to be safe and follow official guidelines on physical distancing and being outdoors – for example, physical exercise in most states is an acceptable reason to be spending time outside (as of 1 April, 2020). For the most up to date advice on being outside your home during the coronavirus crisis, please check with your relevant state authority.

Another perfect way to live among the foliage is to simply…fill your home with green!

But just how many plants do you need to surround yourself with to start getting some love back, you ask? Well, in 2017 Plant Life Balance worked with an amazing team of researchers at RMIT University to figure that out. The research revealed that in a medium-sized room,

Just one plant can improve your air quality by 25%

And a few more can do a whole lot more. They do this by absorbing air pollutants, including particulate matter, like ash and dust; inorganic compounds, such as carbon monoxide; and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And obviously, the bigger the room, the more plants you’ll need to max out the health benefits. To dive into the details, check out our summary of the research, or read the full report here.

Just realised you need a few more leafy friends to max out your bedroom’s zen? Many nurseries and garden centres are now offering remote shopping options like click and collect, or implementing social distancing measures in-store so you can visit safely, in line with offical guidelines. Give your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery a call to find out what options they’re offering at the moment and how they can best help you with your home jungle.

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I should have just retook this picture with Mr Monstera’s new leaf popping out, as let’s face it Mia does not move from this spot! But like maaaaany others I have spent all day with our little lad so did not have time. We did @thebodycoach work out, went on an isolated walk, found Mia’s doppelgänger (see stories!), rearranged our garden pots (even lifted a Belfast sink!) and washed up a ton of recycling for future craft projects with Hudson. Feeling pretty darn proud of myself…day 1 completed ? #mayhavepeakedtooearly !! Happy #monsteramonday !! . . . . . . . . . . . #BamaluzHome #begoniamaculata #alocasiazebrina #iplanteven #lifearoundplants #neutralhome #plantsmakepeoplehappy #myplantlovinghome #tropicalplants #houseplantlove #houseplantopia #stylingwithplants #planteriordesign #plantparenthood #ihavethisthingwithplants #houseplantclub #plantlovinghome #urbanjunglebloggers #pocketofmyhome #plantgang #monsteradeliciosa #midcenturyboho #scandiboho #catsandplants #petsandplants #furrybotanist

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Stay tuned…

We know that it’s a pretty strange time right now, and in line with government directives to limit the virus’ spread, many of us are spending much more time at home. To help you make the most of this time, Plant Life Balance will be keeping you company over the coming months and sharing everything you need to know to live your best, lushest, greenest life ever – including:

  • horticulture know-how for you to level up both your indoor and outdoor gardening game
  • crafty plant DIYs – including kid-friendly projects
  • home tours and interviews with plant-loving Aussie creatives
  • guidance on leveraging the therapeutic benefits of plants to still your mind

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Máme teď v ateliéru nové zákoutí, kam se ale všichni bojí chodit. Musíte prolézt mezi kvítkovou bránou se skloněnou hlavou a zalezete si někam, kde kdybyste tam zůstali, tak bysme vás tu zavřely. Fakt tam můžete vkročit, my se tam nepřevlíkáme! . Mohly bysme u nás hrát třeba nějakou hru. Jakože třeba na některý kvítko nalepíme nálepku se slovem “jackpot”, abyste poctivě prošli všechny rostliny, a kdo si takovou kytku bude chtít koupit, tak dostane zdarma kabelu písku na vlastní míchání substrátu. . . . #kvitka #kvitkavbyte #kvitkavbrne #indoorplants #houseplants #propagation #plant #plants #planting #plantlove #plantlover #growing #greenery #blog #urbanjungle #urbanjunglebrno #jungle #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanexploration #brno #brnomycity #slowplant #keraatelier #clay #handmade

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