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Love me later: sowing the seeds for spring

While the warm weather may be waning, now is the perfect time to sow the seeds for spring. 

Spring bulbs, also known as hardy bulbs, are sown into the soil during autumn where they spend winter getting ready in hibernation before flowering into spring. Bulbs can bring life not just to a garden but the home as a whole, working as an extension of your interior style by adding a whole new dynamic to your indoor aesthetic, a jolt of colour to mirror a current trend, or a low maintenance activity. Curious how? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Low maintenance

Once you’ve planted your bulbs in the ground, you can set and forget as they sit dormant during the winter. In a few months time, you’ll be warmly welcomed by your earlier efforts as your bulbs press bravely through the soil, budding into the open, and signifying winter’s end. For those with a desire for a more low maintenance lifestyle, planting bulbs is a rewarding win.

The must-have vase

Spring bulbs don’t just have to be for the outdoors either! Rather than a bunch of poised flowers perishing on the table, you can grow a single bulb in a transparent vase and watch nature’s journey of a bulb shooting roots and budding into bloom right before your eyes. These bulb-specific glass vases are a growing trend in interior styling, offering a beautiful aesthetic while allowing the flower to thrive. They’re also perfect for those pining for a blossoming garden but lacking the space. 

2021 forecast:A burst of colour

Beyond gardening and interior styling and into the world of beauty, the fall 2021 runways proved that splashes of colour are high on the radar for styling this year. With fresh pops of pansy-inspired blues and bright fuchsia cat-eyes contrasting lively against the natural skin tones of those gracing the runway. This is a trend easily reflected within the home by planting and pairing bright spring bulbs with natural ceramic plant pots or varnished wood furnishing, indoors or out.

Choosing your bulbs

So if you’re wondering where to put your green-thumb next, the time of spring bulb planting is here and ready to complement your living space aesthetic. Think sweet tulips, sun-coloured daffodils, or your favourite pop of colour this season. Chat with your local nursery experts first to see what bulbs are best suited to growing in your area.

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