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Life is Beachy with Shannon Fricke

With the summer months approaching, it’s only natural to dream of skipping town for the coast…

Thirteen years ago interior designer, stylist and co-director of Newrybar Merchants, Shannon Fricke, decided to do just that – swapping the frenetic pace of Sydney for the sea-breeze of Byron Bay to get more “air” in her life.

For Shannon, plants are the cornerstone for any inspired space, and she recommends choosing greenery that reflects the design ethos of your abode. It’s about considering the shapes, colours, tones and textures of the plants in the same way your fabrics or furniture to take your desired look to the next level.

“Home for me is a place you can be your authentic self and the real purpose of design is to support your authenticity.”

“My style is shaped by the desire to create a home that inspires balance and wellness for the people living there,” Shannon says. “It’s not so much about what’s stylish or fashionable today. It’s about digging deeper to the core of the soul of the person, and then matching design and living concepts to support this life.

Because Australians are largely coastal dwellers, the beach and the salt water is an important aspect of our lifestyle, our health and wellbeing. If you forage around the coast you will find beautiful textures everywhere – from grasses to leaves, beaches to branches. Everything is worn and reflects a lived-in feeling.

To start on your Beachy Green look, Shannon recommends thinking about how you want to live in your house to get that relaxed vibe. Always start with big pieces like sofas, chairs and rugs. Make sure fabrics are bleached-out, muted tones, while timbers are blonde and nothing is too intense in terms of a colour palate. A coastal look doesn’t require much in terms of furnishing; four to five main pieces is enough to create a beautiful and simple, laid-back look. Build in your detail and never over-style.


“Ultimately, home for me is a place you can be your authentic self and the real purpose of design is to support your authenticity. My primary role as a creative director is to unearth and then bring to life this creativity.”

Here are some plants to help bring the coast home:

  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Desert Stars
  • Bull Bay Magnolia
  • Pigface
  • Miss Muffet

Designed by Shannon, the new Beachy Green look is now available in the Plant Life Balance app.