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Kitsch is back, baby! 2020’s Australiana is our new favourite thing

It’s called Australian chic, darling.

Peaking in popularity in the 70’s and 80’s, bold and beautiful splashes Aussie iconography, flora and fauna could be found on anything from sloppy joes to your parents’ kitchen canisters. There was a moment in the following few decades where all things Australian took on a slightly cringe-worthy or daggy tinge (think Kath and Kim and The Land Down Under played on repeat) before picking up again in popularity over the last few years. That’s right, poppets – Australiana is back, and in a big way!

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Instead of an ordinary vase I’ve decided to place the gumblossoms in a vintage-looking Australiana tin. I’ve also painted the Scaly- Breasted Lorikeet that I finished last week onto the tin. My question to all of you is: Should it be a white tin or a black tin ? #gumblossoms #australiannatives #australiannature #australiannativeplants #eucalyptus #eucalyptustree #corymbiaficifolia #artinprogress #creativeprocess #emergingartists #artistatwork #lifeofanartist #australiana #womenwhopaint #centralcoastartists #shareart #artsofinstagram #artfollowers #originalartworks #australianartist #artbuyers #botanicalart #botanicalartist #botanicalpainting #watercolorflowers #floralillustration #flowerillustration #femaleartists #interiordesignart #interiordesign

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Australiana resonates because it’s ultimately a celebration of a culture that many people grew up in. It’s anything from the silly and the nostalgic, to the highly fashionable – but whatever it is, it’s quintessentially Australian. There is so much about the Australian cultural and natural landscape that is so unique and worthy of visual representation – particularly when it comes to our beautiful flora and fauna – that we’re not surprised to see that this resurgence of Australiana 2.0 comes with a healthy dash of native plants, flowers and wildlife. Here are a few forms and formats that we’re particularly on board with.


From Margaret Preston’s woodblock prints  to pop-culture graffiti artists, Australians have long-sought to capture our unique landscape in painted form.

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Defend ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Home is yet to recover and we will need a long term plan. We can't stop here, or we will lose everything we have left and watch it senselessly crumble. Thank you for all the donations that have come through our emergency aid prints. They are still up and running and we are working towards establishing a long term plan, hand in hand with ecologists once the damage is assessed, to aid the species and habitats that have been most affected. Because this is far from over. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Last year we painted these birds for a dear friend of mine who has dedicated her life to rescuing native animals as a WIRES wildlife carer, on the doors she's opened for hundreds of animals to get a second chance. Our greatest respect to the carers working to keep the animals safe and to the ecologists that must return to the field, those who have devoted their lives to conservation and grapple with loss and extinction more often than any of us, many of whom have lost their entire research sites. It is incredibly difficult times, but it's also our greatest opportunity. And the last one we get. What comes now is massive and if it hurts us this much it must be because we are crazy in love with what we have. It's time for us to be extraordinary.

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From the bold to the subtle, casual to couture, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Australiana-themed clothing.


And it’s not just clothing – there’s a plethora of Australiana-themed accessories out there as well. Here’s a few of our favourites.

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Big, bold and beautiful ? Aus Native Gum Blossom earrings now available on our website ? I often wonder if my neighbours ever look outside their window and see me perched in a eucalyptus tree taking these product pictures ??? • • • • • • • #eucalypse #eucalypsejewellery #gumblossom #pinkgumblossom #australiannatives #australianflower #australiana #eucalyptusgumblossom #australianflora #pressedflowers #eucalyptusblossom #botanical #pressedflower #floraljewellery #flowerjewellery #canberrahandmade #botanicalaccessories #realfloweraccessory #uniqueflowers #interestingflowers #botanicalresin #flowerearrings #resinjewelry #etsyjewellery #floraljewelry #flowersinresin #resinearrings

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Functional yet stylish, home and kitchenware is a perfect way to show off your love of all things Australiana.

Body art

When you love Aussie natives THAT MUCH that you opt to have a permanent reminder inked on your skin. These Aussie tattoo artists have mastered the art of capturing delicate natives in tattoo form.

Did you know that “A Home Among The Gumtrees” is one of the six plant trends that Plant Life Balance predicted for 2020? Learn all about it – as well as how to create your very own Australiana-themed backyard – here.

Inspired to create your very own Australiana-themed indoor or outdoor garden? Have a chat with the experts about what varieties and species would suit your space at your closest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery.

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