Plant Life Balance

Karma & Crow – Adelaide, SA

A cafe with all-day breakfast full of plants that doubles as an artist/creative space – that’s our vibe!

Karma & Crow is a chill place to hang and keeps a regular crowd, thanks to its impressive plant life balance and a terrific menu!

There’s a wide variety of green life is on display all over Karma & Crow – from a huge indoor tree to succulents, ferns, creepers, and a bit of devil’s ivy, and we even spied some incredibly old, huge succulents that had the most stunning hot pink flowers while we were there. 

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With recycled wood panelling, bespoke furniture and a counter all built by local makers, plus a heap of secondhand furniture, we could tell that sustainability was a big ticket item for these guys – even before you consider all those plants that keep the air clean. They also have recyclable coffee cups, and give you a discount if you BYO reuseable coffee cup. Legends!

Café director, Janie Kammer, noticed that city-slickers have been craving that lush (green) lifestyle – and it’s Karma & Crow that provides the goods. “Being in nature, even if it’s an indoor oasis, has an effect we so often miss with our busy lives,” she says.

We love the calming effect plants have, the fresh air they create and the wondrous beauty that nature can offer in just the tiniest leaf to the craziest cactus flower!

Janie Kammer, Plant Mastermind at Karma & Crow

And people can’t get enough. With its popularity having generated via the good ole ‘gram, the café has successfully attracted customers to keep returning to the city-based lush haven.

251 Richmond Road, Richmond SA 5033

Image credit: Karma & Crow