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It’s getting hot in here!

With summer heatwaves becoming more frequent, summer sure is a hot time to be green. Get your plants through it with this simple survival guide.

Some like it hot, but many of the plants that make our homes beautiful definitely don’t fall into that category. So how can we protect our plants through the summer heatwaves? Here are some hot tips to keep your plants alive and leafy.

Seek out some shade

Move potted plants into shady spots and water them well. During heatwaves, it’s okay to keep pot saucers filled with water, as your plants can draw on that water over the day.

Divide your pots by ‘thirst’

Cacti and succulents can handle the heat and don’t need as much watering, even when temperatures rise. Big, leafy tropical plants usually need moisture, so water them well and find a sheltered spot for them to chill.

Group your thirsty plants in the shower

If you’re heading off on one last summer jaunt, placing plants in the shower with the curtain drawn is a great way to keep them moist and surrounded by humidity for a few days – just make sure the shower recess is out of direct sunlight. You can also place your most moisture-loving plants on a soaking-wet towel in the bath.

Leave a window open

Weekending away, or just going to work, leaving a window open can help prevent your home from turning into an oven and cooking your indoor plants. Only attempt this if you can securely leave a window open (by putting a carnivorous plant on the sill, for example).

Celebrate happy hour

Your plants enjoy a nice drink as much as you do, so don’t forget to give your plants a cold one at the end of the day if it’s been an absolute scorcher. Bottoms up!

Timing is everything

In hot, windy weather it’s best to water in the early evening. If you want to water in the morning then start very early – before the sun is shining.

Avoid drought

Once soil has dried out completely, it’s tricky to get it back to its original condition – meaning it won’t be able to retain water well the next time you give your plants a drink. Avoid this by keeping a close eye on your plants and topping them up as necessary, or by investing in a self-watering pot. You could also get really serious (for those precious plant babies) and invest in an anti-transpirant to reduce water use. 

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