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How to have a super seedy Valentine’s Day

Seedy in the nicest of ways – read on for your ultimate guide to a Valentines Day full of lush, leafy activities, gifts and adventures!

Traditionally, it’s red that makes everyone think of love – but green just appeals to us so much more! So, we thought we’d explore ways you can celebrate love without any of the commercial sillyness.

Weed dating

This activity is a unique twist on speed dating, where you help weed some veggie beds at magic hour and hope to catch the eye of a special someone. Once again, you don’t have to dress up because you’ll be getting down and dirty so dress comfy. Also, bringing a friend isn’t awkward. Run by Camperdown Commons, we hope that this trend, like weeds, grows quickly.

Seed dating

During our research, we found past seed dating events in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne and we wholeheartedly approve of them! Originally run in Australia by the National Landcare Program, the concept is the effectively the same: singles spend eight minutes getting to know each other while planting a seedling, before moving on to another person and another seedling. Other instances have involved activities like plant propagating or kombucha making. And there are three distinct advantages: one, you don’t have to get dressed up; two, you’re helping the environment and learning about plants; and three, it never gets too seedy (LOL!).

We couldn’t find any seed dating events for V Day 2019, but we’re keen to resurrect them for next year!

Romantic plants

Roses, sure, if you’re a fan of traditional. But there are so many plants that send that loving feeling, and last well beyond Valentines Day! Here’re a few suggestions:

Devil’s ivy – it keeps growing, like your love!

String of hearts – …you get the idea.

Heart ferns – as above.

Hoya hearts – a very cute plant.

Rosemary – its sweet scent will remind your valentine of you, and as a bonus it’s good for cooking.

After a few more other leafy gift suggestions? Check out this list that we wrote for Christmas plant gifting.

Other activities

There are plenty of other plant-related dates you can do V Day 2019:

  • Enjoy a date in your local park, take a detour through a nursery, or better yet stroll around your local botanic garden. We have a growing list of green places from around the country if you need some inspiration
  • Go for a bushwalk – We Are Explorers has some excellent Aussie outdoor adventures mapped out on their blog!
  • Eat at a plant-based restaurant
  • Get comfy watch time lapse videos of plants unfurling. This is already one of our favourite pastimes – we recommend muting the video and choosing a track you love. Most music works surprisingly well!
  • Tell your date about how the science behind plants and our wellbeing, guaranteed to make you sound very clever indeed

Good luck, and may your Valentines Day 2019 be your seediest yet!!


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