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Quick, Thoughtful Gifts That Keep On Giving

Looking for a gift that will last beyond the holiday period? Look no further than your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery.

The beauty of plants as gifts is that they are a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor space. And, if cared for, they will grow and return the favour by improving the quality of your air and giving a boost to your mental health and wellbeing.

The other excellent thing about giving plants as gifts is there’s practically one that suits everybody and are exceptional last-minute gifts for any occasion.

We’ve given a couple of examples below, but for more specific advice about which plant to buy for who, head to your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery to have a chat with the professionals.

For that person with a lot of love to give…
The Peace Lily from our Jungle Vibes look is a good way to go. This plant will teach you when it wants your love and when it doesn’t, by drooping its leaves when it wants a drink. No droop = no water needed!

For that person that’s a little bit forgetful…
Try a variety of succulent or cactus from our Desert Dreams look. These hardy plants are low maintenance and will happily go for periods of time without being watered.

For that person with a couple of housemates…
Check out the plants in our Sharehouse Heroes look. There’s a huge variety of specimens in here, all specially chosen for being easy to live with and making your space look super cosy!

To discover more great gifting plants, pop in to your closest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery – now easy to find via our online finder map.