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Get your indoor garden summer-ready

Plant Life Balance ambassador Jason Chongue spills the beans on caring for your indoor garden during the warmer months.

Words and images: Jason Chongue

As the end of the year approaches, gardeners of all sorts will be busy in their gardens, both indoors and out. Now is a great time to get your hands dirty, giving your gardens a boost over the growing season and the best chance to work on that lush healthy growth.

Now is a good time to re-pot any plants that have outgrown their planters or introduce new plants to your collection. If you’ve had the gardening bug for a while already, try growing plants that are a little more temperamental to challenge your gardening skill set. Plants like Begonias, Peperomias and Ferns can add immense colour and texture whilst motivating you to become a better gardener.

Take this time to also clean foliage, making sure to remove any lingering layers of winter dust and any pests that may have made a home for themselves. Prepare your plants for a growth spurt by applying fertilizer or nutrients such as rockdust, worm juice and compost. This will help to give them the nutrients they need for the warmer months.

With the warmer seasons, make sure to note the change in temperature and how this might impact your regular plant care regime. Here are my tips for water, light and nutrition.

Water– With the warmer weather make sure to adjust your watering frequency to compensate for your plants drying out faster. Warmer weather will mean your plants will be thirstier.

Light – Account for the longer days and immense light of the warmer months. Your plants generally love this change however be cautious of any plants that may be prone to sunburn. Take note of any plants close to windows for facing west.

Nutrition– Kick start growth with a nutrient feed such as rockdust or slow release fertilizer. You can also start feeding your plants with a liquid fertilizer to get them growing rapidly. Refer to dosage rates on packaging to make sure you don’t give your plants too much love.

Happy planting!

Got any plant care questions? Head to your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery to have a chat with the experts.

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