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Get to Know Tropical Orchid Cactus

Is it an orchid, is it a cactus? It thrives on neglect as long as you find the right spot for it.


The Tropical Orchid Cactus likes morning sun and afternoon shade. Too much sun can burn its leaves and flowers. Also, don’t put it too closet to windows or mirrors which can increase the sun’s intensity. It will work in pots, as a low hanger or as part of a cactus garden bed.


Water sparingly, especially in winter.


A little slow release fertiliser at the end of winter is all this cactus needs to produce beautiful white flowers and bright green paddles. The Tropical Orchid Cactus is moody, so if it’s not delivering, try moving the plant to a better position and watering it less.

Also known as

Queen of the night

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