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Get brewing and strewing with chamomile

With medicinal benefits and an apple blossom smell, this hardy herb is a must grow for 2021.

Chamomile blossoms into a delicate white flower that smells wonderfully similar to that of the apple blossom. In fact, in Spanish it’s called manzanilla (man-za-ni-ya) or “little apple” because of this sweet smell. But don’t let its dainty flower fool you – chamomile is a wildflower – a hardy herb that grows in many conditions. 

Image credit: Ioana Cristiana @ Unsplash

The humble chamomile can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Rome. With records of chamomile being used medicinally and “strewn about at gatherings” for aesthetics, chamomile hits two of the five plant trends to embrace in the 2021 Plant Trend Report:

  1. A Daily Dose of Vitamin (G)arden: embracing nature-based practices and remedies for ultimate health and wellbeing; and
  2. Introducing the Planter-tainer: a trend that includes using plant-based decor to take your at-home entertaining to the next level.

… making this a must-grow plant for 2021 so you can brew up some remedies and strew about the flowers as a gorgeous, sweet-smelling decor. 

Image credit: Ioana Cristiana @ Unsplash


To get brewing and strewing with chamomile, follow these easy care guidelines:

  • Grows great in pots with well-draining soil
  • Let it shine – chamomile loves full sun
  • Keep it weed free (it doesn’t like to compete for space) 
  • Water daily until flowers appear, then reduce to weekly once it’s fully established. Avoid overwatering until it’s sopping wet – just keep it moist to avoid root rot and other complications from too much love!
  • Fertilize once a month (if you remember). 

Chamomile is often used as a pest deterrent in gardens, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to infestations. Keep an eye out for pests and remove any infested plants and debris. 



Known for treating anxiety, soothing an upset tummy, and helping you float off to dreamland, this is the perfect bouquet to brew before bed. Harvest fresh flowers to brew or dry them for later use. And don’t forget to strew the flowers about your house when entertaining for some festive medieval flair!! 

Take your planter-taining to the next level by creating take-home posies for your posse here.


Header image credit: Ioana Cristiana @ Unsplash

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