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Five ways to ask R U OK?

Help your mates with the power of plants on 12 September.

The scientific benefits of having plants in the home are well documented, cleaning the air and improving wellbeing — after all, we made an app based on it!

In recognition of R U OK? Day on Thursday 12 September, we want to remind you about the wonderful mental health benefits of plants and how they can be used to check in on your mates.


1. Give them a plant

It’s a simple gesture. Invite yourself over to a friend’s place for a cup of tea and bring a low-maintenance plant to give them. Chances are, if their mood is a bit low, a few extra plants in the house will make them feel better. Find your nearest PLB-accredited nursery to help you out. Make sure you ask R U OK? while you’re there.

2. Share a stroll through the park

On R U OK? Day, invite a friend, colleague or family member for a stroll through a park or take them on a bushwalk. This creates a private and relaxed moment for them to open up. You can start the conversation by telling them about the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing.

3. Go for lunch at a Plant Life Balance Place

We’ve sussed out the best cafés and restaurants with the best Plant Life Balance. Invite your friend out to lunch at one of them and ask them R U OK?

4. Ask them for help in the garden

It’s springtime and our gardens are beginning to bloom. “Therapeutic horticulture” might sound complicated, but we know that a sense of purpose and feeling of pride we get from a good day of gardening. Invite a friend over to help out and ask them R U OK? while you do work.

5. Share one of our articles 

Share one of our articles, like Gardening as Therapy or Self Care Sunday, with a friend and tell them about how plants help you feel better. Let them know you are there for gardening advice AND life advice if they need it.

R U OK? Day is a national day of action to remind everyone that any day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?” and support those struggling with life’s ups and downs.

More plants, more happiness, we say. Check our nursery finder to find your closest Plant Life Balance-accredited nursery.

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