Plant Life Balance

Feld & Co – Booragoon, WA

Feld & Co is bringing together the creative community in Perth with a co-working and event space that sets itself apart with an abundance of greenery.

Kerry Roesner, the mastermind behind the space, believes the best part of surrounding herself with greenery is the feeling that it has created an oasis within an industrial warehouse, a space that she says, people are drawn to.

The airy loft is filled with easy-to-care-for, shade-tolerating favourites, including fiddle leaf figs, mother in laws tongue, kentia palms, devil’s ivy, monstera delicious, and both string of beans and pearls. Kerry believes that the increasing trend to get amongst the green is due to the increasing urbanisation of our population, “I think as people increasingly move to cities and gradually our cities become more cramped, our need for nature becomes more and more. Plants, especially indoor plants, are a way of having a little bit of nature in your home or office without having to leave the city”.

The Feld & Co team favourite is their big monstera deliciosa that sits by the front door and greets everyone who comes to visit, be it for the latest product launch or to join the space for a day of work.

If you are looking for the perfect escape from your home office, while still hoping to get your nature fix, get in touch with the delightful team at Feld & Co!

6/496 Marmion St, Booragoon WA 6154

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Image credit: Feld & Co