Plant Life Balance

Feast of Merit – Richmond, VIC

Standing boldly on a corner of Melbourne’s inner suburbs, Feast of Merit is one venue that will push your Plant Life Balance to the max!

Piecing together vintage items that have been reclaimed around the state and reviving the space with plants aplenty, this café and restaurant has a rustic charm that can’t be ignored. And not just for its impressive menu selection.

Managing director, Luke, made the investment to reinvigorate his space by joining forces with green guru, Plant Mama, decking out the main venue and rooftop bar with up to 80 plants that greet you wherever you turn. “They hang from the ceilings, they swing from rafters, they climb the walls, they creep along the floor, and they are literally everywhere!” Luke says.

And this oasis has definitely been paying its dividends. With a hidden rooftop bar that customers ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at, the outdoor space provides for the ultimate Insta snap and oozes a calmness that is revered by patrons.

We feel great about improving the air quality in the venue, along with the calming influence the plants seem to exhibit. Oh, and whoever said that looks don’t matter was lying… the aesthetics are now greatly improved!

We couldn’t have said it better.

117 Swan Street, Richmond, VICTORIA, 3121

Image credit: Feast of Merit