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Excellent indoor plants for Aussie homes

More plants, more of the time.

We’re not saying we have favourites (because how do you pick between your children?!), but there’s definitely a select bunch of indoor plants which we find work particularly well in Aussie homes. So when our friends at Better Built Homes asked us to help them put together our greatest hits of air-cleaning, mood-boosting and harder-than-average-to-kill varieties, we knew exactly what to recommend.

Caveat: as always, we recommend dropping in to your nearest Plant Life Balance accredited nursery to have a chat to the experts when picking out the best plants for your home – recommendations may change depending on region, climate and seasonal availability.

#1 Wax plant (Hoya australis)

With its rich green leaves and fragrant flowers, the wax plant is beautiful. It’s native to Australia, so it’s acclimatised to our conditions. The flowers may take a while to bloom, but when they do, they’ll add a pop of pink or white colour to the room. For the best results, place the plant in a well-lit indoor location (like near a window), and water it once every few weeks. We also suggest potting the plant in a hanging basket so the leaves can trail below.

#2 Jungle cactus (Rhipsalis spp)

Also known as the ‘mistletoe cactus,’ this plant is an unusual succulent. Rather than calling a dry, arid desert home, it has evolved to grow in the tropical jungles of South America. The lush plant thrives in well-lit areas with an average to high humidity, making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It also does well under artificial lighting, so don’t worry if your home or office has less natural light than you’d like. The jungle cactus has hanging stems, and it looks best in a hanging basket. Mist it regularly if it’s in a dry environment, such as near a heater in winter.

#3 Fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa)

This low-maintenance plant has a few names: Swiss cheese, split leaf philodendron and the Mexican breadfruit. It’s very popular in the plant world right now – and not just because of its gorgeous, dark green leaves and distinctive holes. Hailing from the tropics, the fruit salad plant loves humidity and natural light, so it’ll even work in your bathroom. But you’ll want to think big. When it’s happy and healthy, the plant can grow to be huge – making it a stunning statement plant.


But wait, there’s more! To see the full list, head to Better Built’s write up here.

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