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Easy pot plant hacks you can do at home

For our leaf-loving friends (and their kids!) practicing social distancing: here’s some creative ideas to keep those green thumbs from twiddling and the creativity firing.

NB: If you are experiencing mental distress and want to talk to someone, please reach out to Beyond Blue – they have a big national network of people ready to have a chat.

As many of us settle into our homes for the foreseeable future, and the potential for experiencing heightened levels of concern, worry and stress increases, it’s never been more important to take care of our mental health, take breaks as often as you need them, and practice activities that bring you joy.

Getting creative with your green and growing friends is a great place to start – not only because crafting is a known antidote to stress and pressure, but because science shows that plants themselves can give a boost to your mental health and wellbeing.

Because we’re also big fans of being thrifty (and of course, saving a buck or two!) we’ve pulled together a bunch of pot hacks for you that are all about using what you already have at home to pretty up your plants. So, let’s get pot plant hacking…


Hands up if you were a good boy or girl scout? Then this should be a piece of cake. Anyone that wasn’t, don’t worry – this one comes with plenty of instructions.

Macrame is the craft of creating textiles with knotting techniques (as opposed to weaving or knitting). It’s thought to have originated in the 13th century with Arab artisans and was used to decorate the edges of towels, shawls and veils.

Fast forward a couple of centuries and you can now learn to make all manner of beautiful macrame jewellery, wall hangings, plant hangers and other home decorations – all you need is some twine, scissors and time to practice. Here’s a great plant hanger tutorial for beginners, and for those up for a challenge – here’s a great advanced option.

Egg carton seedlings

It can be challenging for herbs and vegetables to grow from seeds directly out in the garden where they have to compete with weeds, other plants and the weather. For a gentler start to life, try growing them in egg cartons first on your kitchen window sill. All you need is some seed packets, an empty egg carton a bit of dirt and coffee grounds. Easy peasy!

Reuse and recycle

Once you’ve got an eye out for everyday objects you could repurpose into a plant pot, you’ll find potential plant homes all over the house! Look for objects you can simply plug your already-potted plants into (pot and all).

For example, we all have an old basket hanging around at the back of a wardrobe or laundry room cupboard. Sweep the dust away and – if you’re living in an urban jungle – you’re bound to have a plant that will fit in there nice and snug! Pop the existing pot straight into the basket, and pull out again and stick in the bathtub when it’s watering time, so you don’t get soil everywhere.

If you’re planting directly into an object, keep in mind it needs to be a material that won’t get mouldy when watered, and has sufficient drainage. Go for a dig through your recycling bin and you’ll find and endless supply of blank canvases for you to flex those creative brain cells. Tin cans can be kept in their original state for a rustic or pop-art vibe, or grab a brush and paint something cute on them. The sky’s the limit!

Channel your inner art geek

The beauty of painting clay pots is that the options really are endless. All about that minimalist chic? Experiment with painting sections of the pot white. Keen on abstract? Google your favourite artist or muse and lean into their work for inspiration. In love with all things patterns and typography? Make yourself some stencil or practice your calligraphy.

Give your pots a good clean first by soaking them in warm water and then a good scrub to get any dirt off. Leave to dry out completely, and then you’re ready to go! Use acrylic paints for best results.

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