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Four foolproof plants with Emily Cloke

Emily Cloke shares simple care tips to help perfect your Plant Life Balance.

Words: Emily Cloke, Horticulturalist and Director of Green Folk Botany Shop

Whether you’re a seasoned garden thumb or just embarking on your plant journey, plants are a must-have an interior feature in 2019. Step back from the plastic imitations, people – you most definitely don’t need to be an expert green thumb to bring some life indoors!

Here are a few foolproof tips to get you started.


It’s all about plant selection. Choose one of these green heroes and you’re sure to be boasting about your plant prowess in weeks to come.

Also known as Epipremnum or Devil’s Ivy, these babies will grow just about anywhere indoors and love you for it. Happy in a pot perched on a bookshelf or mantlepiece, they love to trail long and abundant.

Zamioculcas zamifolia
Commonly known as Zanzibar Gem is so resilient, its catchphrase is ‘thrives on neglect’. Able to withstand both well-lit and darker positions, these lush green plants can tolerate two or more weeks without watering.

‘Peace Lily’ – one for the water-lovers, these lush foliage plants both clean the air and add a vibrant green hue to your interior. If you forget to water them, they’ll droop to let you know they’re thirsty and then pop back up in gratitude when moisture is restored.

Euphorbia ‘Cowboy’
If you prefer sleek lines and a set-and-forget approach to life, then these cacti-style succulents are for you! Set on a sunny table or standing proud in a brightly lit area these cowboys will stand up and get noticed.


There are three primary forms of care: watering, feeding, lighting. Get these right and people will be asking YOU for advice!

The golden mantra is, “if it feels damp don’t water it.” Press the soil to check for moisture below the soil’s crust – if it’s damp, come back and check again in a few days. More indoor plants die from over-watering than under-watering.


Plant food doesn’t need to be difficult! Slow release organic fertilisers are ample nourishment for many indoors species and can be simply sprinkled atop the soil every few months for optimum growth and vigour.

Good light will help your plants grow. Some like it bright, some don’t. Be careful not to move your plant babies into direct sun after being indoors – their leaves could burn with the shift to extreme exposure.

Emily was a guest panellist at our recent Plant Life Balance 101 event in Brisbane. Follow Emily on Instagram or stop by Green Folk next time you’re in Burleigh Heads.

More plants, more of the time, we say. Check our nursery finder to find your closest Plant Life Balance-accredited nursery.

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