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Aussie designers rock the botanicals

For those days when waking up next to your favourite peace lily isn’t enough, and you literally need the plants on your body.

Image credit: Gorman

Plant-inspired threads aren’t a new trend – remember your grandma’s flowery bedspread, the daisy headbands of the 60s, or the gorgeous vines and buds blossoming across lace wedding dresses and table clothes?

We’ve been keeping our eye out for more modern interpretations of greenery-inspired fashion and accessories – and boy, are there some stunning designers out there! Here’s a few of our favourite brands who’s work celebrates all things green and growing.

Mister Zimi

With a flagship store in Byron Bay and outposts in Brisbane, Bondi, the Gold Coast, Yarra and Armadale, Mister Zimi’s timeless prints and flowing-yet-flattering designs ooze holiday chic.

Made By Maddie

Handmade by Madeleine Hunt in country NSW, Made By Maddie‘s jewellery is tends to sell out very quickly – so if you like Maddie’s garden-inspired pieces, jump on her mailing list so you don’t miss out!


From humble beginnings from a small coastal town on the Great Ocean Road, Gorman now boasts a cult following both here in Australia and overseas. Many of Gorman’s pieces feature bright, illustrated greenery and stand-out colour palettes.


If you’re looking for a touch of vintage Australiana and love your Aussie natives, check out RYDER’s range of illustrated botanical tees.

Edith Rewa

If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous silk scarf to complete your leafy look, search no further: Edith Rewa is an insanely talented textile designer, who’s illustrations adorn a beautiful collection of scarves and camis.

Snuggle Hunny Kids

Finally, for those with tiny friends in their lives, we love Snuggle Hunny Kids wraps, headscarves, beanies and swaddles, many of which feature botanical prints – available in a range of warm colour tones, from rust to olive.

Feeling inspired to introduce a bit more greenery into your wardrobe, or even better – your living room? The designers above can help you with the former and your your local Plant Life Balance accredited nursery can help you with the latter. Happy planting!

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