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What kind of plant is your dad?

Your guide to Fathers Day foliage

Dads are amazing, proud, stoic, stubborn, fussy and loveable animals – they’re all different and alike at the same time…a bit like plants! So in honour of Fathers Day, we have categorised matched different dad personalities to different plants. Use it as inspiration and get your dad something that will always remind him of you.

Dads who are big softies

Some dads have a lot of love and attention to share. They cry in movies, they love a cup of tea and a chat. No favour is too big to ask. This dad is a Monstera Deliciosa. Its broad leaves are like a big deep green hug and they fill out a room in the best possible way.

Dads who like a sleep-in

Some dads just don’t want to get out of bed at the weekend. They love it in there, sleeping deeply and snoring loudly, maybe watching a little TV. This dad is a potted Star Jasmine plant. A terrific bedroom plant, they require little care beyond some light and a little water. They have also been linked in a study to reduced anxiety levels, leading to a greater quality of sleep.

Dads who love the shed

The suburban shed is a weird, dark, smelly place of incredible wonder where dads (typically) build stuff, fix stuff, listen to old music and read those old sci-fi novels with the awesome covers. He’s a low-light, low-maintenance dad – he’s a ZZ plant. Basically set and forget, a little water, the occasional leaf wipe. No worries.

Dads who play by the rules

Some dads are less casual than others. They’ve got our best interest at heart, but sometimes they feel a little stern. The results are often worth it. This type of dad is a Maidenhair Fern. Full grown and healthy they are splendid indoor plants (a bit like us kids), but getting there can be a challenge as they require a space that is not draughty, away from direct sunlight and water sparingly. One wrong move and you’ll know about it!

Dads who work a lot

For dads who like to be busy, you need a plant that will thrive on its own but be the centre of attention at the same time. Devil’s Ivy is perfect here. Dad can give it some attention every now and again – trimming the yellow leaves, a little water, some natural light and it’ll be right.

Plants are great presents for dads and with any luck they’ll take care of it as well as they took care of you. Check our nursery finder to find your closest Plant Life Balance-accredited nursery and pick dad up something nice.

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