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Could this be Queensland’s leafiest tattoo studio?

Getting inked has never been more relaxing since Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy opened for business.

While peace and tranquility might not be the first things you associate with a tattoo studio, you also probably haven’t been to one filled with 40 plants. Enter Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy founder, tattoo artist and plant-lover Rachel Christensen, who has grown her workspace into a jungle oasis to attract those that not only appreciate delicate foliage inked onto their bodies – but in real life, too.

In Rachel’s line of work, calmness is essential for both herself and for those laying in the hot seat.

Having an abundance of plant life within my studio is my way of bringing the power of plants and the energy of the earth to myself and to my clients.” 

Rachel has filled her “sanctuary” with an enormous variety of plants. While she has the classic philodendrons and devil’s ivy, you’ll also find chain of hearts, string of dolphins and baby palms hanging around the space.

But when it comes to figuring out who the true queens of the jungle are, two sensational peace lilies have proved crowd favourites. As evidenced by their monstrous size – we’re talking flowers bigger than our heads! – they absolutely thrive in the studio’s environment. 

While Rachel acknowledges that it takes time and practice to maintain the studio’s plant-scape, there’s no denying that it’s been well-worth the effort. As snaps of the studio began to circulate online, there is little doubt in her mind that the plants have a contributing factor to bringing in more clients. 

For any other business owners out there considering adding a frond or two to their workspace to attract new customers – Rachel’s hunch is actually backed up by evidence, with studies showing that places with greenery are often seen as ‘destinations’, meaning people are prepared to travel further, pay more, and stay longer than non-greened counterparts.

Beyond the appealing aesthetics, Rachel also identifies a certain kind of companionship with the studio’s fronds.

Having plants is like having little companions in the studio, I care for them, talk to them, and nurture them, so I never feel alone.”

So whether you’re a lover of botanical body art or just love a well-foliaged space, be sure to visit Rachel and drop into Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy next time you’re in the sunshine state!


Maleny, Queensland

Image credit: Rachel Christensen

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