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Boss bedroom plant styling

Your friends will go green with envy.

Let’s not beat around the spicebush, the bedroom is one of the best rooms in the house. It’s a place to recoup and rejuvenate – so obviously it needs to look good and feel good too. 

Luckily, this can easily be achieved by adding an abundance of plants to your room. They do wonders for the room’s air quality which will help you sleep better at night, not to mention, room aesthetic improves tenfold!

Now for the hard part – deciding where to put your plants so the room looks incredible and your leafy pals don’t get in the way. 


Shelves are great because they take up little to no floor space and can hold a number of plants. On the wall, standing, single shelf or tier – these are all options to choose from! Or, if you don’t want to build or buy a shelving unit, the window sill makes for a great shelf space.

Pair hanging plants with standing 

A good way to make your room feel more home-y is to pair hanging plants with standing plants. By filling up spaces that are usually bare, this type of arrangement adds visual interest and can fill out empty corners and nooks.


Natural colours 

Light, earthy colours are a perfect match with the natural greenery in your room. In particular, adding brown wood or a terracotta pot holder will unearth a nature-like feel.  

Place smaller plants together so they look bigger

A small plant standing alone draws minimal attention. By placing it with two, three or four other plants, your room will look even lusher.

A plant bedhead

Why not excite your room’s look by adding a plant bedhead? It’s just like camping in the forest, but without the uncomfortable mattress and pesky mosquitoes. 

There are so many ways you can style a bedroom – so it’s really up to you to define your own unique look. By applying some of these styling tips, you’ll be well on your way to being an interior plant design pro. 

Got a question on care tips? Talk to an expert. Check our nursery finder to find your closest Plant Life Balance-accredited nursery.

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