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Birds & Bees – Yes Please!

Made for sunny courtyards, this look will bring the buzz to you. Landscape Architect Natasha Morgan shares her take from her home outside Daylesford, Victoria.

Landscape architect and urban planner by trade, Natasha Morgan is just as much a gardener, florist, preserver, illustrator and educator when she’s at home. She describes her passion as one for productive gardens where crops are always in yield. Her main formal garden is split into a kitchen garden, berry garden, an orchard and a cut flower garden.

“My home is an old 1860s Spargo Creek post office. I very much fell in love with the property because of the old colonial trees that are there, which is why I call it “Oak and Monkey Puzzle”. The trees are just phenomenal. The property is set within a clearing within the Wombat state forest, with these beautiful old trees that must have had a link to the Ballarat Board of Waters, because of their access to the exotic species in the Gold Rush era.”

“The property has a history of gardeners as well. 35 years ago it was the weekend property of a woman who has now established a property called Lavender Jeweller, which was a very successful lifestyle property and lavender farm with cafes and all sorts of things. We still have the remnants bulbs from her time there,” she explains. “In that first spring when thousands of bulbs came up in an almost a derelict garden it reminded me that there has always been a presence of something that’s been there before.”

For me, the garden very much represents who I am

Natasha has observed that, although she’s out in her garden each and every day, she is continually amazed just how much things change from day to day. It’s what she loves about landscaping; everything in a state of flux. Natasha says, “whether it’s for food or whether it’s for floristry classes, or whatever that is, it’s really special. Being grounded in a space that’s living is really important for me personally, and to be able to share that is very important as well.”

Natasha believes that people have lost their connection with where produce comes from, especially in urban environments. She shares that often people come to her events displaying a real urge to get their hands dirty – almost primal. Far from the homogenisation of city supermarkets and flower shops. There’s always beauty in a productive garden.

And how would Natasha rate her plant life balance?


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